Institute for Sustainable Communities

ISC is an international, non-profit organization that works to support communities by creating, implementing, and scaling equitable climate change solutions for communities at the frontline of the global climate crisis.

The Challenge

ISC needed a new design firm to provide updated graphics to support their initiatives developing, testing, and sharing cost-effective solutions to threats on sustainability. The non-profit organization selected Black Digital due to its reputation for creating compelling graphics designs and its strong record of working with a diverse clientele.

Our Solution

Black Digital worked with ISC on several projects including a Partnerships for Resilient Communities conference, a Dismantling Energy Inequity in Communities of Color conference, and various reports.

Our design and marketing teams provided ISC with customized branding for each event, PowerPoint decks, themed schedules, and intro videos.

The Results

Our designs helped ISC’s branding remain consistent despite their campaigns’ incredible breadth and variety. Because of Black Digital’s partnership with ISC, the nonprofit has been able to take on more and reach larger audiences to fulfill its vision of combating climate change.

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