Branding & Graphic Design Services

We’ll make you stand out from the competition.

Never has there been a more vital time for great brand design. With 30% of all business activity happening online, how your business looks has become almost as important as how it operates.


Great branding lets you attract new customers, retain current ones, build trust, drive conversions, and more. 

In short, great branding does A LOT.

You’ve likely experienced the impact of design for yourself. Ever decided to make a purchase based solely on a business’s looks? Chances are (59% actually!) that when choosing to make a purchase from multiple companies, you bought from the one that looked better.

We create visually appealing marketing materials supported by marketing strategies that make your business stand out in a saturated market.

Branding that helps your business thrive​.

Rebranding with a professional agency is an investment. You could get a new logo or one-pager for cheap, but they won’t catch the eye of your target audience AND be visually consistent with all your marketing collateral.

In the long run, professional, research-based design and consistent branding saves you a lot of time and money.

Trust us to help you get it right the first time.

Branding & Graphic Design Services

Our phased approach is the key to success:



Our discovery process starts with a virtual kickoff call and a guided Q&A session with your key stakeholders to review your existing brand. We’ll discuss topics such as current challenges, target audiences, project requirements and what a successful rebranding campaign looks like for your organization.


Design & Develop

Leveraging our internal and external research findings, our team will move into action. We will create visually appealing marketing materials and an effective marketing strategy that engages and resonates with your target audience.


Deploy & Optimize

During our final phase, we’ll work with your team to deploy the new brand assets. Our team will continue to make adjustments and recommendations throughout this process. Our aim is to reposition your organization to receive value through exposure to new digital audiences.

Featured Case Study

Our Money Matters

The Financial Education and Wealth Creation Project (FEWCP) was created to address key realities of the racial wealth gap and a growing unbanked population.

The Challenge

The goal of the FEWCP is to increase financial literacy among African Americans and other communities of color by providing them with free financial tools, education, and services. The new initiative needed a complete rebranding that included a name change and updates to its logo and brand materials.

Our Solution

The first step in the FEWCP rebrand was changing the name so that it better represented the mission of the program. Once the new name was established, our team designed the new logo and brand materials to match the community empowerment style of OMM.

The Results

The positive imagery of the new OMM name and logo really resonates with HBCU and HSI students. The program is receiving more sign-ups by young people of color than it ever has in its history, which means they are getting closer to achieving the goal of closing the racial wealth gap.

Our site rebuild resulted in a:

Receiving more sign-ups by young people of color than it ever has in its history.

“Black Digital helped us redefine and rebuild our brand identity from the ground up. Their innovative strategies allowed us to reach the underserved communities in need, creating sustainable pathways to economic growth.”
Ron Butler, CEO, HBCU Coalition

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