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With targeted messaging, visual design, and continued optimization, we create paid social media campaigns that push your initiatives forward.

Paid social is no longer an option; it’s a must.

If you have a great product, a service, or initiative in need of well-deserved attention, social is key.

But not just any social media post will do. You may notice that sometimes you make posts that get all of the attention – you’re riding a high of likes and comments, and ideally gaining traction in meeting your goals.

Other times you post about things seemingly way more important. And…crickets….

With how overwhelmingly cluttered social media platforms are, launching a post out into the abyss is unlikely to bring results. You have to pay to play.

US social ad revenues are predicted to reach about $51 billion in 2021. So how can you stand out?

We empower you to exceed your business goals.

Whether you want to expand your following or increase attendance at your next event, we have you covered.

Our paid social media campaigns:

Partner with us to ensure a successful paid social campaign.

Invest in professional website design today, so you can save on costs, time and headaches down the road.

Maybe you’ve paid for ads in the past with minimal success. You found yourself boosting posts but never getting the likes, the follows, the shares, the donations, or the sales you expected.

Or maybe you haven’t dropped a dime on social – you have no idea where to start.

If you’re going to throw money at an ad, you want that ad to bring results. Your best bet is trusting the experts.

Our phased approach is the key to success:


Discovery & Planning

We will learn all about you, your stakeholders, and any direct competition. We will determine the scope of your campaigns and come up with the prelim 30/60/90 day plan. We will establish KPIs, run them by you for your approval, and then jump into phase two.


Design & Develop

As a team we will come together and start creating different campaigns specific to your business’s needs. We will create an ad strategy – including messaging, creative direction, and ad design. Of course, everything will be sent your way for approval.


Launch & Optimize

We will set-up ads on each platform that we selected. All ads will be monitored and optimized on a weekly basis. You will be updated on any changes we make. We will connect during monthly strategy calls to ensure we are on track to meet your KPIs.
Marketing for Colleges & Universities​
Website Design & Development Services​
Website Design & Development Services​
Website Design & Development Services​

With Black Digital's paid social services, you get:

30/60/90 day
campaign plans


copywriting services

visual assets

videos for ads

and analytics


Our dedicated team ALWAYS has your back

We never keep our clients in the dark. All of our clients are assigned a dedicated team and a direct point of contact.  We’ll report to you on a weekly basis about the status of your campaign and schedule monthly strategy calls to keep you in the loop.

Featured Case Study

HBCU Scholarship Programs

The ELC opens channels of opportunity for Black executives to positively impact business and communities. The ELC’s scholarship programs offer high-performing college students scholarship awards, internships, mentoring and unique access to ELC members.

The Challenge

The ELC Scholarship Program's success is tied to the number of applicants. The ELC wanted to increase the number of applicants by increasing the visibility of the program.

Our Solution

Through well-designed collateral, an easy to navigate microsite, clear, and concise paid advertising campaigns, the ELC experienced an influx of applicants expressing interest in their scholarship program.

The Results

We partnered with GTR to modernize their main website and create three microsites. The rebranding overhaul included: a new logo, a color change, new typography, and a website overhaul.

Our paid advertising resulted in a:

300% increase in applications
(from 176 - 656 completed applications)

“It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Black Digital. Not only do they listen but they also have a keen sense of exploring the best recommendations to ensure our messaging connects with the target audience.”

Krysta Omeir, The Executive Leadership Council

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