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The mission of The ELC is to increase the number of successful Black executives, domestically and internationally, by adding value to their development, leadership, and philanthropic endeavors across the life cycle of their careers. Corroborated by industry-renowned research, The ELC’s core belief is that when diversity leads, corporate America and global enterprises thrive.

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The Challenge

Leaders of The ELC wanted to know how they could show up authentically on social media to grow The ELC’s audience and name recognition but also to reach more of the people who would use its services. The ELC’s goal was to increase its digital footprint on social media and boost recognition as thought leaders in the Black executive space.

Our Solution

Our team tapped into The ELC’s unique story and core brand values, in order to grab the attention of its target audience. Using a solid strategy, campaign testing, and refining, we were able to bridge the gap on social media. We felt LinkedIn was the best platform to focus our efforts, as that website’s users are almost exclusively looking for professional development and opportunity.

The Results

100,000+ LinkedIn followers in one year

By generating compelling videos and by sparking discussions on “trending news” posts, we started conversations about The ELC. Perhaps most important, we highlighted the incredible work of Black executives and ELC members. The ELC grew its LinkedIn page by an astonishing 5,000 followers a month and hit 100,000 new followers within its first year of working with Black Digital.

After three years of partnership with Black Digital, The ELC has organically grown its LinkedIn channel to 200,000 followers, making it one of the largest Black channels on the platform.

Black Digital’s digital strategies have created new platforms that amplify the successes of Black corporate executives. I’m continually impressed by the work ethic and results of Black Digital’s CEO, Mike Utaegbulam.

Skip Spriggs, Former President and CEO

The Executive Leadership Council

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