The DC Center for the LGBT Community

The DC LGBTQ+ Community Center is an advocacy group in Washington, DC. It provides crucial resources, such as emergency shelter and housing, mental health services, and HIV education and testing, for the LGBTQ+ community. Along with essential services, it uplifts these constituent groups, giving them a sense of community by providing a common area and holding festivals highlighting LGBTQ+ art and culture.

The Challenge

The DC Center felt that its current logo did not reflect its mission to create space for the LGBTQ+ community. It wanted a new logo that would allude to the goals of the organization and the area in which it operates. It was critical to include the colors of the pride flag but in a way that differentiated the DC Center from other non-profits with similar missions. It also wanted to explore the possibility of renaming the organization.

Our Solution

We started by surveying the DC Center’s leadership on the messaging it wanted to send and the feelings it wanted its logo to evoke. By gathering logos of similar organizations nationwide, we gauged which aspects the DC Center valued the most. Our designers created multiple logo concepts that met the DC Center’s specifications. We also presented the DC Center with potential new names.

The Results

By creating a diverse selection of logo concepts and incorporating feedback from the DC Center, Black Digital created a modern logo that matched the DC Center’s specifications. The logo features pride colors and the outline of the city, creating a solid brand identity that makes the DC Center stand out from other DC-based organizations. Additionally, the new name, “The DC LGBTQ+ Community Center,” is more concise and inclusive than its original name.

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