Advancement Project

AP is a next-generation civil rights organization rooted in fulfilling America’s promise of a just democracy. It is a multi-racial organization that amplifies human rights struggles for equality and justice.

The Challenge

AP needed a firm to support their essential civil and voting rights work by designing and delivering graphic assets for their campaigns. Black Digital stepped in and supported AP several projects, including their  “Police-Free Schools” campaign with the accompanying report  “We Came to Learn”“Vote By Any Means Necessary” campaign, and “Black Mama Bailout: #FreeBlackWomxn”  campaign.

Our Solution

Black Digital created reports, infographics, logos, anniversary branding, and advertising materials for several of AP’s campaigns. Our designs helped AP’s branding remain consistent despite their campaigns’ incredible breadth and variety.

The Results

Because of Black Digital’s partnership with AP,  the civil rights organization has been able to take on more campaigns and fulfill its vision of eliminating racism.

Black Digital has become our go-to agency for quick design, layout, and graphics… their team always delivers what we need when we need it, which is important for a fast-paced organization where campaigns, messaging, and rapid responses must be created in the blink of an eye.

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