How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Increase Donations

Social media is a powerful fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations. Not only is it a way to raise awareness and engage with their donors, it is also a way for them to capitalize on current trends. In 2020, donations to racial and social justice organizations rose by 16%, according to an article in Newsweek. This increase in donations was driven largely by younger donors from Black and Asian households who were on social media.

Navigating the precarious environment of social media platforms can be difficult for organizations without the right strategy in place. Here is how nonprofits can use social media to increase donations.

I. Build a community

Social media is a great way for nonprofits to grow their donor base. They can do this by using preferred social media channels to build an online community of people  interested in similar issues. This online community will allow people to  share resources, stay informed, and engage with the organizations they support. It is also a place where organizations can promote awareness and ask for donations.

Facebook Groups is a great way to build a community using social media. Organizations can use groups to engage with their donor base and encourage debate. They can also use the platform to execute other parts of their social media strategy designed to increase donations, which we will cover below.

II. Share your organization’s impact

Nonprofits should use social media to share their impact. Followers on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms will be more likely to give to future campaigns if they are encouraged by past successes. People want to see their charity dollars at work, and it is the job of the nonprofit to show them the impact donor money is having on their mission.

Organizations should also use social media posts to thank their donors and show gratitude towards them for all the great work they make possible. PBS does this by saying, “Made possible by viewers like you.” Nonprofits should do something similar on social media to thank their contributors.

III. Invest in your content

It can be difficult for nonprofits to run their social media channels on their own. They need to make sure that each post follows their brand guidelines. They also need to make sure that posts are optimized to reach their intended audience at the right time to be the most effective.

The best way to do this is by investing in your content and partnering with a marketing agency to create a content calendar for your nonprofit. A content calendar will make sure that your social media strategy is being implemented across all platforms by scheduling posts ahead of time, at the optimal time. This will help keep your followers engaged in your mission and will encourage them to donate more often.

IV. Encourage action

The way that contributions to racial and social justice organizations grew by 16% in 2020 was because organizations encouraged action. They made it easy for followers on social media to give to campaigns using donate buttons, GoFundMe links, and web funnels.

You can also encourage action by creating an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and online that increases donations from a targeted audience. These campaigns are effective and a good investment if executed properly.

V. Adopt a comprehensive social media strategy

Nonprofits are typically run by a small staff with lots of responsibilities. It can be difficult for them to keep up with the demands of the organization and execute a proper social media strategy. That is why it is beneficial for nonprofits to partner with a marketing agency that can handle their social media marketing for them.

A comprehensive social media strategy that includes building an audience, sharing impact, creating content and encouraging action is a full-time job. That is why nonprofits should partner with businesses like Black Digital, a full-service marketing agency. They can design and execute your entire social media strategy to help your nonprofit increase awareness and donations with social media.

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