How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you are a business, organization, or nonprofit, you rely on web traffic. A website is essentially a digital storefront, and stores need customers.

But driving traffic is more than just getting clicks or views; you want to drive the right traffic to your website to grow your business. But how? Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content is valuable and will drive traffic to your website. But you need a sound social media strategy that promotes your published content and drives as much traffic to your website as possible. Below we will discuss the ways you can leverage social media to drive traffic to your website.   

Start with a Great First Impression

Web traffic is useless if people don’t stay long. Before optimizing your website for search engines, make sure it is a digital asset you’re proud of. Partnering with a marketing agency that can custom-develop your website to stand out from the competition is a valuable resource for customers and will grow your business. 

Google can take a few months to trust your website, so don’t expect traffic to increase immediately. A high-quality website will give your business or organization authority, and Google values authority. Establishing a great first impression and then regularly adding valuable content will boost your SEO in the long term as well as your traffic. 

Paid Advertising 

The impact of paid social media advertising continues to rise globally. Forbes reported in 2018 that “40% of this year’s global ad spend will take place online.” But like SEO, if your paid campaign doesn’t target the right audience, it’s a waste of time and money. 

Paid social media advertising is especially important for raising awareness of an issue or an initiative that a nonprofit is promoting. That is why you need to partner with a marketing agency that specializes in paid social media advertising because they’ll: 

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Develop relevant messaging
  3. Get your target audience to act

Once your paid social media campaign is complete, you will also need to figure out what worked and what didn’t work. That same marketing agency will be able to conduct an analysis report of the social media campaign’s effectiveness once it is complete. This is important because it will shape future campaigns around the successes of those previous. 

Social Media Management

The most successful way to drive traffic to your website via social media is hiring a social media manager, who will craft relevant posts optimized to reach your target audience and keep that audience engaged with your product, services or initiatives. 

Your dedicated social media team will create a content calendar that schedules posts for various social channels and determines ideal days and times to reach your target audience. This team can manage your paid social media campaigns in conjunction with your content calendar.

One way your social media team will optimize your social media strategy is by creating a social media toolkit. This toolkit will ensure that your organization’s social media posts follow are brand guidelines. Being consistent with your social media posts is as important as making a great first impression. Your brand is your identity, and you never want to stray from your brand identity online. 

You will need a dedicated partner to produce and manage your social media presence. Black Digital has the expertise you need to manage your social media and design targeted social media campaigns to drive the right traffic to your website. 

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