West Louisville Community Advisory Board Public Health Awareness Campaign

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) of West Louisville is a grant-funded organization that addresses misconceptions, breaks barriers, and promotes access to local healthcare. Its mission is to help communities in West Louisville achieve health equity by collaborating with community partners and healthcare members.

The Challenge

West Louisville CAB wanted an online place where community members could engage and learn more about vaccines. They needed a centralized space, or website, for community testimonials and educational resources. Specifically, the organization wanted to enhance people’s awareness and understanding of vaccines. CAB’s digital presence was nonexistent, so they wanted to establish their presence on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Our Solution

Black Digital’s goal was to create opportunities for individuals to share their vaccine-related experiences and help CAB provide accessible education. Teaming up with West Louisville’s CAB, Black Digital developed personalized marketing solutions to bridge the gap between the West Louisville community and the healthcare system.

Black Digital initiated an integrated marketing plan, building a website, Instagram profile, LinkedIn presence, and Facebook page for CAB. We developed a social media calendar and several campaigns to consistently promote vaccines in-season. We also created content pillars on social media to highlight CAB’s partnerships, community narratives, and vaccination information.

To boost community engagement, Black Digital incorporated a dedicated space into CAB’s new website for people to share their stories and feedback. The website also features a series of testimonials from people in the community who have been vaccinated. Educational PDFs give viewers accessible information on everything from measles to the HPV virus. Each PDf features a QR code guiding viewers to the nearest vaccine location.

The Results

Since launching its social media platforms and website in December 2023, CAB has experienced an exponential surge in engagement in two months. The website has garnered more than a thousand visits, and its Facebook community has grown to nearly 200 members. Black Digital’s personalized marketing solutions have helped CAB realize its goals of providing accessible resources and vaccine education to promote vaccine health equity.

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