The National Association of Securities Professionals (NASP) is the premier organization that helps people of color and women achieve inclusion in the financial services industry.
NASP connects members to industry leaders and with business opportunities. It also provides educational opportunities and works to build awareness about the value of ensuring that people of color and women are included in all aspects of the financial securities industry.
NASP currently has 11 local chapters throughout the United States but its website was lacking functionality. It was connected to a membership platform that was difficult to navigate and hosted multiple unnecessary pages that were outdated and visually unappealing. The website was also difficult to update. Overall the NASP website represented the organization poorly and needed a total rebrand.


After our initial meetings with NASP, our team decided to move their website over to WordPress so that their marketing team could easily manage and update the website internally. Then we designed a sleek, modern site that was user friendly and easy to navigate. We reduced the amount of webpages by eliminating the ones that were unnecessary and a drag on their functionality and SEO.

After the website was designed, we established an interactive membership portal that was simple to understand and would better serve the NASP membership. And finally we added a jobs board feature that allows member companies to post jobs in the financial securities industry for people of color.


Eliminating the unnecessary pages hosted on the old site greatly increased the website’s functionality and SEO. Web traffic increased 1000% which made the organization more visible to their target audience. The increased traffic has led to an increase in memberships and awareness of the organization’s mission to assist people of color and women in the financial securities industry.

Members of the organization appreciate the interactive membership portal because it is easy to use and features better tools. The jobs board helps NASP members find employment, which in turn helps the NASP achieve their mission of diversifying the financial services industry.