The Financial Education and Wealth Creation Project (FEWCP) was created to address key realities of the racial wealth gap and a growing unbanked population.
The goal of the FEWCP is to increase financial literacy among African Americans and other communities of color by providing them with free financial tools, education and services.
The new initiative needed a complete rebranding that included a name change and updates to its logo and brand materials. It also needed a new website that featured all of the program’s services and tools in one place that was easy to use and compatible with all mobile and desktop devices.


The first step in the FEWCP rebrand was changing the name so that it better represented the mission of the program. Our team researched terms and phrases that would best resonate with HBCU and HSI students. The new name needed to reflect the program’s goal of reducing the racial wealth gap by emphasizing community empowerment. After we concluded our research, we presented the Coalition with a number of name options. They decided to go with “Our Money Matters” (OMM) as the new name.

Once the new name was established, our team designed the new logo and brand materials to match the community empowerment style of OMM. Then we designed the new OMM website so that it reflected the updated brand and included all the program had to offer in one place.


User experience is paramount to OMM because they offer financial tools, education, and services designed to create long-term economic opportunities for its members. Our team made sure that the search layout of the website was more intuitive and was fully functional on all devices and browsers.

The positive imagery of the new OMM name and logo really resonates with HBCU and HSI students. The program is receiving more sign-ups by young people of color than it ever has in its history, which means they are getting closer to achieving the goal of closing the racial wealth gap.