National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy


The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) works with foundations, non profits, social justice movements, and leaders to ensure transparency and accountability in charitable giving.
They are advocates for those with the least wealth, power, and opportunity in America. Their mission is justice, and they serve that mission through storytelling, advocacy, and research efforts. They describe themselves as, “Philanthropy’s critical friend and independent watchdog.”
NCRP needed a refreshed logo and updated website in order to make their digital assets easily accessible on mobile and desktop devices. And according to Janay Richmond, The NCRP Director of Marketing and Membership, they needed updated branding that “reflects the seriousness of NCRP’s research and the philanthropic spaces that the organization routinely influences.”


Atlanta-based designer Tiffany Collins created the updated modern, sleek version of the shaded blue and purple NCRP logo.

Then our team designed the brand guidelines and corporate media materials based on the clean and appealing style of the new logo. We also developed:

  • Editable Canva templates
  • E-blast templates
  • Zoom and PPT backgrounds
  • Social media templates

This is the organization’s first logo update since 2008 and they ordered it because times have certainly changed.

“We are living in a time where generations are re-examining shared priorities and exploring new ways and models to get common goals…From the deep purple and cool blue color scheme to the thin and airy font of Glacial Indifference, our refreshed logo balances style and function in order to inspire.”

– Janay Richmond, NCRP Director of Marketing and Membership


The comprehensive concept created by our team was designed specifically to resonate with NCRP’s diverse audience. The logo and the marketing assets are now modern and welcoming, which is a NCRP philosophy. They now have branding that is consistent across all digital platforms including emails, virtual meetings, social media, and corporate marketing materials.

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