Why You Should Add the Spill App to Your Social Marketing Strategy

Spill is one of the latest Twitter alternatives where nonprofits should be consistently posting.

The Spill app is a Black-owned Twitter alternative, and what better time to try it than National Black Business Month?

Launching in June, it already has 100,000 users and has tremendous potential for growth. 

The Spill App Offers a More Welcoming Space for the Black Community Following Twitter’s Recent Changes

Most social media users already know that Twitter was recently sold and has undergone a lot of changes under new management. New “features” like being able to buy a verification symbol for your profile and limits on the number of Tweets you can read without paying.

Another change since Twitter’s sale is that there’s been an increase in hate speech on the platform directed at Black people. In the 12 hours after the sale, use of the N-word on the platform increased by 500%.

For whatever reason, certain Twitter users suddenly felt more comfortable spouting bigoted language, and looser community guidelines mean those hateful Tweets aren’t regulated as much.

All these factors made it the right time for someone to create a Black-owned Twitter alternative. The Spills app has tons of potential for adding disaffected Twitter users. 

Long-time Twitter users are likely familiar with the term “Black Twitter,” referring to the entertainment and value Black people brought to the app with their perspectives and reactions to current events. Now there could be a real “Black Twitter.”

While Spill is Black-owned and named after a slang term, it isn’t just for Black users. Spill doesn’t have any public data about the demographics of its user base and, while it’s assumed that a significant portion of them are Black, anyone is welcome.

The Spill App User Interface is Somewhere Between Twitter and Instagram

Apart from being a Black-owned business, what actually differentiates Spill from Twitter in terms of design and function?

It’s a more visual-centric medium. You have the option to post text on a black background, but most posts include a picture with the text laid out on top.

Another unique aspect of Spill is that it’s exclusive. There’s a waitlist to join. It’s unclear whether this is a permanent measure or if they’re just trying to moderate its users in the early going to create a more wholesome online platform.

As counterintuitive as this seems, social media users have employed this same strategy. It’s a common practice for branded Instagram accounts to set their accounts to “private” so that people can only see their pictures if they request to follow and are then accepted. Accounts restricting who can follow them create perceptions of exclusivity and high-quality content. This strategy can also actually increase the number of followers they have since anyone who wants to see their content has to follow.

Those are social media accounts, but it’s rare to have a social media platform that does the same. This might be Spill’s strategy for the foreseeable future, creating something like an exclusive club that everyone wants to be a part of.

If social media apps are stocks, then Spill is one you can buy low. Create a presence on the app and start implementing a marketing strategy before the platform blows up.

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