Repurposing Content – Optimize Your Current Content’s Usefulness Cost-effectively

Your company blog and other media channels represent a large part of your marketing strategy. Whether focused on driving leads, attracting customers or providing information about your brand, your content is a valuable resource.

Repurposing content optimizes your current content’s usefulness cost-effectively

But don’t be repetitive; be judicious with your choices.

What is repurposing?

Repurposing content means taking one asset from one platform and turning it into multiple assets for many different platforms. This can be as simple as publishing the transcript of a video conference on your blog or as involved as creating pillar content from a single blog. You can take positive customer reviews and turn them into customer stories. You can take customer concerns or questions and turn them into blogs or FAQs. Nothing is off limits when it comes to repurposing as long as the content you create relates to your overall marketing strategy.

Video content is easily repurposed.

Videos cover a lot of information in a short time. They often have segments and dialogue that can be repurposed to your advantage. You can:

  • Write multiple blog posts highlighting topics discussed in the video
  • Create clips or segments to correspond with each blog you create
  • Publish the transcript of the video on your blog
  • Share the blog/clip combo on social media platforms such as Linkedin
  • Use audio of conference calls or interview videos as a podcast

The reverse is also true: you should create videos from successful blog posts. If a particular blog on your company website generates lots of discussion or is shared on social media, the topic should be repurposed for a video.

Revisiting successful blog posts.

Blog content provides value to your website because it drives traffic via SEO. Pay close attention to which blog posts succeed most and create similar posts over and over.

The main goal of repurposing content is to expand upon what works for your website. A business shouldn’t let old ideas that worked get lost in their timeline. Repurpose to refresh those old ideas by creating new content derived from them. Then link to the old content to enrich your website’s ecosystem.

Pro Marketing Tip: Engage your audience with something you already know they are interested in.

Blog posts into marketing videos.

People are far more likely to click on videos that interest them on social media than written content. So transform your blog content into a marketing video. Include informatics in the video around the most successful points in the blog post. That way you will get the information across to your audience in video form.

You should:

  1. Create a video storyboard that mirrors the flow of the blog you are repurposing.
  2. Follow your brand guidelines and make it short.
  3. Promote the video across all social media platforms.
  4. Consider this video an advertisement for your brand and run it as such on Facebook or Google.

Hire a marketing agency to create custom graphics.

The best way to repurpose content is through custom graphics. Information is best shared on social media via custom graphics because people see what you show them.

Custom graphics can contain quotes from positive reviews left by customers, statistics that support the use of your brand or product, highlights from a recent convention or virtual event, and a number of other pieces of repurposed content that will further your marketing strategy.

Professional marketers do this for a living. They understand each platform and design posts with the correct dimensions each one demands. Investing in custom graphics is a cost-effective way to repurpose content and gain a marketing advantage over your competitors.

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