Landing Page Composition For High Conversion Rates

The landing pages on your website need to have the proper composition to have a high conversion rate.

If a landing for your company or nonprofit organization isn’t yielding the results you want, there may be an issue with the page’s composition. Maybe more so than any content your organization makes, landing pages need to capture your audience’s attention right away.

On average, people spend about 53 seconds on a web page. That’s the average, meaning that many times, people will spend far less time on a web page. You have just a few seconds to pique their interest and compel them to act before they click off the page.

Catch Their Eye Without Bombarding Them With Details

By and large, quality landing pages are fairly simple. The goal should be to gain their attention through images or stylized illustrations, and then direct them somewhere they can find more information.

Make sure the call to action (CTA) is extremely visible! Very actionable! Don’t make the visitor think too hard in understanding what’s trying to be said. They shouldn’t have to piece things together.

The CTA is often something like “Get In Contact,” “Schedule An Initial Consultation,” or “Sign Up For Our Newsletter.” It can be anything that directs users to learn more about your company, get in contact, or buy your product or service.

Don’t include a bunch of unnecessary information. Less is always going to be more. Be simple.

With a Limited Word Count, You Need to Be Economical With Your Copy

Because an effective and aesthetically pleasing landing page will have limited text, you need to make the best use of that text.

You only have a few seconds. Once the site loads, the page needs to either answer users’ questions or direct them to a different page without overwhelming them with text. The copy should stick to broad topics, answering their questions, but directing them to where they can find more. 

In many cases, the only copy will be an attention-grabbing statement or slogan, buttons on the page, and maybe a menu. It’s the pages you direct them to that will have the details they’re looking for, but there are ways to add more information to landing pages in an aesthetic way.

Consider including a horizontal scrolling menu if you’re looking to add more text without altering the page’s composition. By periodically cycling through different copy (much like a slide show) without the user having to interact with it, you’ll be presenting more information without all of it being on the page at the same time.

Landing Page Composition Case Studies

Here’s an excellent example from Express VPN’s website of features you should include on your landing page:

The illustration is simple, yet colorful, interesting, and uniquely styled so that users associate this type of image with ExpressVPN. 

The relatively plain background in the top half of the page emphasizes the headline, “The VPN that just works,” while the more colorful part of the illustration is below, balancing out the text at the top.

This is ExpressVPN’s homepage, and if you scroll down there’s a lot more text, but this image is all you see when you first click on the page. It’s investing and doesn’t overwhelm the site’s visitors.

The only copy seen is the language selector in the top right corner, the headline, the subheading, the navigation menu, the “Get ExpressVPN” button that also serves as a CTA, a “Get Started” button, and “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.” There are only 36 words in total.

We demonstrate many of these principles on the Black Digital home page:

Again, this is the top of our home page where there is more text if you scroll down, but this is what users see when the page first opens.

We have four drop-down menus in our main navigation along with a “Get Started” button. On the left is a headline with a second button/CTA, “View our solutions.” 

On the right, there are images in bubble-like shapes that show our brand colors and demonstrate the style of the rest of the website in an engaging way.

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