Black Organizations to Support This Juneteenth – Tackling Wealth Inequality

Supporting Black organizations financially is a great way to celebrate Juneteenth while tackling problems like wealth inequality.

We recently posted a blog about the commercialization of Juneteenth and whether or not it’s good for the holiday. In it, we discuss examples of companies using Juneteenth as an opportunity to appear to support the Black community without actually participating in activism.

In the spirit of not wanting to profit off this monumentally significant holiday, we wanted to highlight some Black organizations worthy of support. We aren’t affiliated with or employed by these organizations in any way – we just believe in their missions. If you are looking for a way to give back this Juneteenth, we encourage you to donate to any of these organizations.



The idea that there is such a thing as a “Black history” has been under attack of late. The most prominent example of this is how Florida banned AP African American studies on the grounds it’s “filled with” critical race theory. It’s more important than ever for people to learn about Black history, and BlackPast is making it easier for people to do that.

They provide reliable resources that tell the complete history of Black people, not just in the United States, but around the globe. By creating a network of over 900 writers and fact-checking their work, they’ve created a reliable encyclopedia of Black history that’s available to anyone with internet access.

Support free access to Black history here.


UndocuBlack Network

An official partner of Black Lives Matter, UndocuBlack Network is an organization assisting currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants. They provide resources to help immigrants learn their rights, improve their mental health, and ultimately become full citizens.

Support Black immigrants here.


Sarita and Claire Wright Lucas Foundation

The Sarita and Clair Wright Lucas Foundation is a scholarship fund for Black women pursuing law degrees. According to the American Bar Association, only 4.5% of lawyers in the United States are Black and 38.3% are women. Black women are severely under-represented in the field.

Support Black women in law here.


Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Marsha P. Johnson was a Black gay rights activist and drag queen who was part of the Stonewall uprising in 1969. They were active in the Gay Liberation Front and founded STAR House, a shelter for fay and trans youth. Johnson died under suspicious circumstances in 1992 while working to raise awareness for the AIDS epidemic.

Today, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute is a “community is made up of BLACK trans people and those committed to collaborative solidarity and undoing white supremacy in all of its forms.” They provide fellowships and health resources to Black transgender people while advocating for trans rights at all levels of government.

Support Black trans people here.


DuSable Black History Museum & Education Center

Founded in Chicago in 1961, the DuSable Black History Museum & Education Center is the oldest museum in the United States solely dedicated to Black history. Along with having exhibits that tell the imperative and wide-reaching history of Black people, they’re also active in community education with programs such as their Code Black Series.

Support the first Black history museum in the country here.


Common Ground Foundation

Founded by Acadamy-award-winning artist Common and former principal Dr. Mahalia Hines, Common Ground Foundation aids youth from underprivileged, high-potential communities with resources and mentorships to help them reach their goals. With focuses on entrepreneurship, creative expression, and health & wellness, they help children find and pursue their passions.

Support Black youth pursuing their dreams here. Of course, any amount is accepted, but there are the options to sponsor a child for one or two years, to contribute to their scholarship fund, or to simply provide jobs and internship opportunities.


Center for Black Equity

The Center for Black Equity is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Black members of the LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. By building a global network of Black LGBTQ+, they aim to create economic, health, and social equity. They hold in-person events and resources such as HIV and COVID testing.

Support Black members of the LGBTQ+ community here.


United Negro College Fund

Affordability is one of the biggest barriers to obtaining a college education. The United Negro College Fund is working towards the ideal of a country where everyone has equal access to a college education. Partnering with a network of 37 HBCUs, they’ve awarded more than $100 million in scholarships every year. 

Support Black college students here.

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