LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: Explore 5 Engaging Content Ideas

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The focus of your LinkedIn marketing strategy should be starting a conversation. The best way to promote your brand is getting other members to respond to your post and share it with their network. This blog will teach you how to create engaging content on LinkedIn that will lead to greater brand awareness, sales and clients.

If you are trying to sell a product or service on LinkedIn, your posts need to benefit your audience in some way. Whether an interesting stat, tips or tricks of the trade, or a thought leadership article, your content should be valuable. Then once people are paying attention, you can make the case for your products or services.

Here are 5 content ideas for your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

1. Highlight Company Leaders

Part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy should focus on the face of your company. It needs to be the CEO or the owner of the business and they should come from a place of authority.

Highlight their ideas, thoughts and experience by using LinkedIn to humanize your brand. Posts like this let people inside your business while providing them with valuable information from the company leader.

You should celebrate employee accomplishments on LinkedIn. Take some time to tell people about the employee of the month or someone who has been with the brand for a long time. Posts like this further humanizes your brand by showing that you care about your employees. People can relate to these stories and so are more likely to interact with them, which is the goal.

2. Offer Tips and Tricks of the Trade

LinkedIn members love videos and images with stats. Create a post with a short video from your owner or CEO offering a tip or trick of the trade they have learned in their experience. People are always interested to hear from company leaders because they come from a position of authority.

If you are wondering how these posts should look, check out other brands you admire on LinkedIn. See how their tips and tricks posts look and emulate them.

The video in your post should be short and easily digestible. Include a comment or a question intended to spark a conversation. If the tip or trick is valuable, other members will share it with their network.

3. Repost Third-Party Content

Your brand’s LinkedIn page shouldn’t be just about you. Take advantage of the content that other people have created on other platforms to grow your following.

Here are some types of third-party content you should be sharing as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

  • Viral tweets
  • Relevant memes
  • Popular YouTube videos
  • Articles
  • Other LinkedIn posts

Tag the creator of the content to give them credit for their work. Then start a conversation by adding your own thoughts or a relevant question. Hopefully the original creator will share or comment on your post and give you more exposure.

4. Thought-leadership articles

Not every post on your LinkedIn page needs to be brand-specific. You need to show that your brand or company is aware of social issues or cultural discussions that transcend business.

Another good way to start a conversation is by sharing relevant thought-leadership articles, written by the authority figure in your business or someone else. The goal is to weigh in on the topic and make your position clear.

Sharing interesting and important thought-leadership articles adds to your brand’s authority by showing you’re engaged with the world around you. It helps other like minded people relate to your brand.

5. Company highlights and milestones

Brag about company accomplishments or milestones on LinkedIn. You don’t want this to dominate your marketing strategy, but highlighting follower milestones, corporate success, sales numbers and other relevant achievements adds to the authority of your brand.

Another good thing to highlight on LinkedIn is your company’s charitable contributions. If you sponsored a fun run or if your employees participated in charity work, post about it. People will be more inclined to interact with and share the post if it highlights something positive.


The main goal of any quality LinkedIn marketing strategy is to promote your company or brand by sparking conversation. Do this by:

  • Highlighting company leaders
  • Offering tips and tricks of the trade
  • Reposting third-party content
  • Posting relevant thought-leadership articles as well as company highlights and milestones

These strategies add authority to your brand while adding value to your network.

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