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The Advancement Project (AP) is a next-generation civil rights organization, rooted in fulfilling America’s promise of a just democracy. They are a multi-racial organization that is focused on amplifying human rights struggles for equality and justice. AP’s vision is for a “future where people of color are free- where they can thrive, be safe and exercise power.”

After certain events in 2020, AP was interested in reaching disenfranchised Black voters before the 2020 election. They reached out to us to help them update their branding so that it appealed to their target audience.


Our team met with AP to discuss their goals for the branding update. Those meetings led to the creation of the “Vote By Any Means Necessary” (BAMN) campaign.

The marketing assets that we created included a microsite that directed traffic to a lead form. The form collected basic information that allowed the AP team to reach out and register the disenfranchised so that they could vote in the 2020 election.


The marketing collateral, microsite, and BAMN campaign were all well received by the AP team and the local communities they targeted.
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