Teaching and Learning Alliance


Teaching and Learning Alliance (TLA) is a non-profit organization of K-12 educators who provide in-school coaching and leadership training at primary and secondary schools throughout New England and the United States.
TLA has a 23-year history pursuing its mission of ensuring that all children, irrespective of background, receive the educational preparation necessary to become successful, thoughtful and engaged citizens.
TLA offers a variety of services that reflect the diverse needs of their partner schools and districts. But TLA’s website was outdated and with an unfunctional layout that ultimately had a negative impact on user experience. Their website was hard to navigate and did not communicate the great deal of impact the organization has had.

What We Did


Our team designed a sleek, modern website that was user friendly, easy to navigate and that represented TLA’s mission and success. We significantly reduced the amount of webpages found on the site in order to increase SEO capability and functionality. We also created an interactive calendar for the site that incorporated their Twitter feed in order to give them a greater connection with potential partners.


The improved user experience and updated design was well received by TLA members, educators and partner school districts. The reduced number of webpages and improved SEO capability led to a 70% increase in traffic, more sales of their online workshops and more email subscribers. The new design also increased the speed of the website.

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